1940's Nostalgia Breaks

Bletchley 1940's
Haworth 1940's
Grassington 1940's

1940's Nostalgia Breaks by coach

There has been a huge revival in celebrating our past, by recreating important periods in history, and it’s imperative to remember these times and its influence on today.

A huge amount of work goes into bringing the wonderful 1940’s to life in these special events with re-enactments, period entertainment, memorabilia, vintage vehicles and costume. So join Caledonian Travel on a nostalgic weekend to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of this iconic era.

Discover the famous setting for the Enigma code breakers, Bletchley Park and enjoy a trip back in time as we visit during its 1940’s celebrations with live music and dancing, vintage lawn games, historical displays and reenactors.

Haworth is a popular event and has over the years grown to encompass all that was loved about the 1940’s, with period costumes, street entertainment, market stalls and displays of vehicles from the iconic era.

Grassington is another event which also tries to encompass the feeling yesteryear. See this memorable decade brought to life in this quaint Yorkshire market town as this action packed event offers the full 1940’s experience with live music and dancing, battle re-enactments and war games.

So pack up your troubles and enjoy a spot of reminiscing where everything will be organised for you, with Caledonian Travel.

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