Brussels Carpet of Flowers

Brussels Carpet of Flowers
Carpet of Flowers display

Brussels Carpet of Flowers

The Brussels Flower Carpet is truly unique and special event that only takes place once every two years in Brussels, where the Grand Place Square is transformed by a stunning swathe of colour measuring a mesmerising 77 metres long and 24 metres wide.

The brainchild of landscape artist E Stautemans, the carpet is a celebration of the country’s rich tradition of being the world’s leading producer of begonia, cultivating over 60 million every year.

In total over 800,000 begonias are used to create the huge floral masterpiece laid right in the centre of Grand Place Square, which can be viewed up close or, for a small charge, admired in all its glory with a birdseye view from the balcony of the City Hall.

The carpet is the culmination of months of planning by a committee of designers, illustrators and landscape architects but takes just hours to complete as a team of 100 local gardeners volunteer their time to create the jigsaw.

The begonia is the perfect plant to create the carpet due to its ability to withstand all weather types and reflective qualities.

Hundreds of different varieties, ranging from bright vivid colours to pastel shades, mean endless possibilities can be created. This year the display will have a Japanese theme to celebrate the 150 year relationship between the two countries.

The carpet is accompanied by music specially composed for the event and also a dazzling light and sounds show.

Only available to view for four days over one weekend in August don’t miss this unique biennial event whilst it’s on display. It really has to be seen to be believed.

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