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Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance

Lord of the Dance has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon, seen by over 60 million people in over 60 countries across the globe.

Presented by the original star of Riverdance, Michael Flatley, Dangerous Games is the latest incarnation of Lord of the Dance that’s full of fast footwork, energetic dance and spectacular precision that will leave you breathless.

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When Michael Flatley first performed as part of the Riverdance during the Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland little did he know that he was about to turn Irish dancing into a worldwide sensation.

Over twenty years since it was first presented and having smashed all box office records before it, his breakaway Irish dancing spectacular, Lord of the Dance, continues to captivate audiences all over the world with its intoxicating mix of traditional Irish dancing and ground-breaking choreography.

Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games is the latest remastered version of the show which has been produced by Flatley to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Although Flatley has since kicked up his heels and hung up his dance shoes, the title of the ‘Lord’ has been picked up by the capable feet of protégés James Keegan, Fergal Keaney and Matt Smith, who were handpicked and trained by Flatley himself.

As you might expect with all Flatley productions, Dangerous Games is a lavish affair that pulls out all the stops.

Featuring a cast of over 40 dancers, musicians and acrobats, the show is shamelessly flashy, with stunning costumes, cutting edge technology and furious footwork that will leave you wondering just how they do it!

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A classic tale of good vs evil, Dangerous Games will transport you to a mystical land that has been invaded by a Dark Lord and his robotic henchmen. Can Little Spirit and the ‘new’ Lord of the Dance save the day? Join Caledonian Travel to find out!

A fantastic feel-good show for all ages to enjoy that will have you clapping along and jigging in the aisles!

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