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Comedy and Magic breaks by coach

The growth of television and talent shows has sparked a resurgence of in the world of comedy and magic.

With plenty of fresh and emerging talent combined with seasoned performers, there has never been a better time to see a live stage performance from the likes of Micky Flanigan to Mrs Browns - Live Tour performers that will have you in stitches and fits of laughter.

Whether you want an evening full of laughs or mind-boggling tricks, you can see the nation’s best loved comedians and magicians with Caledonian Travel.

It’s a great time to catch comedy in the UK. The stand-up comedy circuit is enjoying another golden era with new stand-up faces and sitcoms constantly hitting our television screens.

From the hilarious Micky Flanagan on his ‘An Another Fing’ stand up tour. With his cockney charm Micky is currently one of themost popular stand-up comedians, to John Bishop who returns with another rib tickling, funny bone shattering tour. With a track record of sold out shows and stand up ovations this promises to be his best one yet. Join us as John makes us laugh with his witty observations, wry stories and joke a minute jests.

And not fogetting the hilarious Mrs Brown who is back on the road with her brand new ‘Good Mourning Mrs Brown’ live show. Starring Brendan O’Carroll as the loveable but loud-mouthed Irish matriarch, this sensational show will have you laughing in the aisles as we follow the exploits of Agnes Brown.

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