Strictly Come Dancing - The Live Tour by Coach

Strictly Come Dancing 2018

Let National Holidays be your dancing partner as we take you to experience this glittering show.
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of the nations’ favourite shows, the Strictly Come Dancing - The Live Tour hits the road to bring you this entertainment extravaganza.

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From a variety of backgrounds, it’s impressive to see how far these celebs have come, relive some of the magical moments from the Strictly Come Dancing TV show and witness for yourself the glitz and glamour of the foxtrot, the passion of the samba and the elegance of the waltz, all performed at some of the best venues throughout the UK.
With remarkable dance routines, your favourite couples, the phenomenal live music and all played out under the keen eyes of the judges, you won’t want to miss this sell out show as they perform the breathtaking variety of increasingly complex dances you’ve watched them work so hard to perfect!

So grab your sparkly jackets, dust off those dancing shoes and waltz on over to the Strictly Come Dancing- The Live tour with National Holidays!

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